I came to see Alexandra as I was struggling with severe anxiety. I had just recently started a new job and was finding it very difficult to cope with the responsibility of having a job and a young child to take care of. I was feeling extremely scared, overwhelmed and helpless. Living life feeling like this was just not an option for me anymore. I had tried for a long time to just ignore the symptoms I was having, but that didn't work. It actually made things worse as I wasn't facing my problems, I was just avoiding them. I was actually quite scared to try hypnosis as I thought it was something that can somehow "damage" my mind or that the therapist would have full control over me, but that definitely wasn't the case. It was just my preconceived notions. The session itself was extraordinary. It was so liberating and left me feeling very confident and capable. My life is now back to normal; I'm fully functional, happy and so grateful. I'm now really looking forward to the future and can appreciate the little things in life again.

I was struggling with my business, procrastinating and feeling unworthy of anything good in my life. I was in a lot of distress and sabotaging my success, leaving me feeling very frustrated and stuck. I've had this block for a very long time and it followed me in everything I tried to do. I tried talk therapy and coaching but nothing seemed to be getting to the root cause of the issue. I have been involved in therapy for many years, so I am very familiar with it, but I know hypnosis was needed to really be able to dig deeper to uncover what was blocking me. Alexandra is an amazing therapist. She's very empathetic and really took the time to understand my situation. I felt completely supported, seen and understood throughout the whole session and she was very detail-oriented, helping me to re-frame old feelings and experiences and empower me going forward. I was so impressed with her work ethic! I feel so much lighter. I let go of a lot of past emotions that I didn't even know were there. The problem was perfectly addressed and I couldn't be happier to have the clarity I was looking for, for so long! I can finally move forward with my business with direction and no longer feel the need to procrastinate and sabotage my success. I think the unexpected benefits were just being able to really connect the dots from my past, to my current life and how the negative beliefs I formed were really holding me back and keeping me in the same destructive pattern. It provided me with so much understanding and helped me release the shame and negative beliefs I was carrying about myself that was keeping me playing small. I am most looking forward to finally achieving my dream life and thriving in my career, doing what I love with confidence! I would say it's honestly the breakthrough you need to make for yourself. The amount of power RTT gives you doesn't compare to anything else out there. It truly sets you free! I got the answers to my biggest issues! It's totally worth it and I would highly recommend Alexandra.

Hi Alexandra, I just wanted to thank you for you help and give you an update. Seriously, I don't know how you do it .... It's a few months on and I have an understated confidence, a belief in myself that wasn't there before. I trust myself which is a feeling I haven't had all my life. Although, I don't feel that RTT worked straight away for me, I've seen it progress over time and the best most noticeable difference for me is that I've actually quit my corporate job and I'm now a trader earning much more than I could have imagined doing something by myself and learning something new from scratch- it's incredible! During our session we talked about moving up the corporate ladder, somehow I've found a different path and I've never been happier and more content. It's not about the money, it's about the freedom, I answer to myself and that feels great. I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you again, my heroine.

"I received an RTT session with Alexandra and to say it was helpful is an understatement. I was struggling with anxiety and feeling quite low, experiencing some limiting beliefs that had been affecting me since I was a child. I didn't realise how much these were affecting me until my session. After the session, I felt lighter, happier and more confident. I noticed a huge shift in my personal and business life. As someone who had recently launched a freelance business, clients started to show up and I was starting to earn more money as well. I highly recommend these sessions for anyone who is feeling they need a radical shift in their personal belief system and needs to raise their vibration. Thank you so much again for all your help and support! I have been in a much better head space since then. You really made such a positive impact 🙂" Miss l.O (london)

I had a session of RTT over a personal issue that I had struggled to make progress with. The session goes very deep into the issues. Alexandra is very professional and gives a lot of information about the process. During the session she is very supportive. You are given a recording of a mediation to listen to afterwards, which I listened to for 21 days. It's been a couple of months since the session now and I can honestly say I've seen huge transformation in this area of my life. I feel differently about the issues and am starting to have some wonderful results in my life.

Thank you Alexandra.

I was suffering from severe acne around my jawline for years, well into my adulthood and masking it with contraceptive pills. I was determined to come off the medicine and use RTT to finally let go of this problem and I am so happy to say that Alexandra has worked her magic! Alexandra is a very professional and caring therapist who really helped me work through past experiences that were literally sitting underneath my skin and asking to be released. After the session my skin is clear and has maintained itself perfectly. I believe the recording has really helped with this after letting go of what was needed in our session. If you are having skin problems Alexandra is fully capable of helping you turn this right around and clear up what has been troubling you. Emotions come out through the skin! I'm not wearing any foundation, I'm taking care of my skin and my relationships are improving as a result from me speaking up.

I wholeheartedly recommend Alexandra! I worked with her on a personal issue related to setting boundaries. She guided me gently through distant memories and performed a strong transformation for me to expand my beliefs on this topic. Immediately after the session, she made a recording available and followed up with me to ensure the transformation lasts. My issue is now resolved and it brought so much improvement in my life.

Thank you Alexandra for your support, dedication and professionalism!

Dear Alexandra,

Thank you so much for the wonderful session today. I felt so guided through the session and you helped me to find clarity and a new way of being and thinking. I felt very safe in your hands and you were perceptive and quickly grasped the situation. You were upbeat and clear and had an excellent pace. The transformation used all my magic wand words and requests for my future self in a wonderful voice which was definite and clear and assertive. I liked the pre talk you were specific and you made it quite clear that my issue would be fixed. You were not phased by anything in the session and carried on through when I had no scenes. I felt confident in your care at all times. I like your clear, guiding, facilitating style to a new freedom that I had specified. I am looking forward to my recording as the transformation was wonderful.

Dear Alexandra,

I wanted to tell you how different I feel today, I really feel so confident at the core, not just at a superficial level, I really feel something has changed for me, it is extraordinary. The party was fantastic and I felt a completely different person, confident, brave, myself. I really can't thank you enough. Something is different about me and how I feel. There was a situation at home with the horse and I just felt calm, composed in control and so myself. Your voice made me feel so soothed yet energised and vibrant.

I considered myself to have good public speaking skills, but recent event prompted me to take a closer look into why I started feeling less confident in such circumstances, because it began impacting my life both privately and professionally. Even before our session started, Alexandra created a wonderful rapport with me, and effortlessly made me feel comfortable and safe, so I could let go of any of my concerns even before the real work took off. I could hardly wait to dive deep, and I was correct in my expectations of a very special experience. It was so freeing, beautiful and empowering. Alexandra's guidance was so caring, so in tune with what I needed at every stage, she made me feel understood and heard, she made me feel safe in expressing a lot of old pain and sadness that I carried inside of me for my entire adult life, and she found the right words that elevated my mood, my beliefs, my whole outlook on the life that I live. She had pinpointed the one thing I needed to hear my entire life, and those words alone were worth the entire session. I can wholeheartedly recommend Alexandra's service to anyone who wants to experience a sense of deep life- changing transformation in any area in which they feel blocked or stuck. This is a session I'll treasure forever.

Ella, 47, IT Specialist

I recently had a session with Alexandra on a sabotage issue. I couldn't go on with my goals and the career that I wanted because I felt somehow stuck and I didn't know exactly why. The session was absolutely beautiful, I was guided harmoniously through my feelings and the most important I managed to understand that behind that sabotage, It was a traumatic health related experience that I've gone through when I was very young. I created the belief that "I need space" that was playing against my goals and my dreams and I was stuck in this inner conflict.. It can't be described how deeply I delved during the session..all I can say is that now I feel liberated and energetic, motivated to do what I love. I am so grateful for all your guidance during the session Alexandra, I feel so lucky to experience such a beautiful transformation.

Hi Alexandra THANK YOU.

It was amazing - when you talked about the best friend coming into the session and her saying what she had to say, I was talking about you - You rock. I'll be listening to this recording everyday; and it's perfect that this is my first day off all those shitty synthetic hormones. You have truly gifted me with ultimate power on top of what I already possess within me.